I’ve Fallen

My most recent track, “I’ve Fallen,” came about very suddenly, musically. However, the theme is one that I have been trying to write about for several years now.

Lately, I have been paying much closer attention to world events and reading up on my history. I have always been curious about what makes people do the things they do – what motivates us. What makes us do good things and what makes us do bad things? Eventually I got thinking about what actually defines “good things” vs. “bad things.” Quite quickly it became apparent that it all depends on perspective. What one person considers a good thing, could be a very bad thing for another person. Then I got to thinking about what I considered good and who might consider those things bad. As an example, I used the scenario of finding a house at a very low price and deciding to buy it (ie: foreclosure). While I might be inclined to think this is a good thing, the person who was forced to sell the house would undoubtedly consider it bad. One thought led to another as I applied these questions to more aspects of the way we live. I found it very hard to justify most of what our society has become. Though it may sound cliché, we depend so much on money and things for our happiness. We center our lives on it and no matter how much we obtain, our level of happiness inevitably ends up lower than when we started! On some superficial level, I think many of us get this, but I believe it really is a superficial level. We may make a donation to the food bank or to a humanitarian organization and think that we’ve done our part for the year. We then get right back to living our lives the same way we always have, without thought to the fact that making a few little changes to our lifestyles could do more for the people in need than any cash donation.

The song is a reflection of the moment when I realized that my ignorance and short-sightedness is contributing to the suffering of others. Choices become much clearer when we realize the effect they have on the world, even if it’s only in a small way. Life is not about how much you’ve acquired during your lifetime. As the old saying goes, “you can’t take it with you.” So my version says, “Tell me why we keep searching for the dollar sign thinking there’s a prize at the finish line and not seeing that the prize was life.” I wrote the song hoping it would inspire others to have an honest look at the way they live (even if it hurts, because it really does), how it affects others, and start making some positive changes.  So please head on over to the “songs” section of the site and check it out.  It wouldn’t take that much to turn this world around and make it better for all!

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